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Affordable Products

You'll notice, both on this page and our Gallery, that all of our systems look different from each other.

Unlike our competitors, we neither buy carloads of the cheapest product available at the time, nor wed ourselves to a single manufacturer (note our page of "orphan systems" (which we service) of manufacturers that are no longer with us).

Every project is custom designed, starting with a clean sheet of paper, selecting the best methods and materials and processes for the particular site, and the owner's objectives.

Solar Panels

Thermal Water Heaters


Affordable Services

Welcome to Quad State Solar, your Alternative Energy Solutions Provider. An established Northeast regional PV design and installation firm, we are currently expanding our operations to service the US Virgin Islands.

Site Survey & Customer Consultation

System Design & Engineering

Installation, Training & Startup

Support & Maintenance

Permits, Inspections & Warranty Repairs

Why QSS?

Quality.  Service.  Support.

“It was great to actually watch my meter spin backwards!...I want to commend Jonathan Lane and his team from Quad State Solar. We've had a number of things done around our house and this was the most professional, knowledgeable and courteous team we've had. At the end of each day they made sure all debris was cleared--you would never had known they had been here. They kept me informed throughout the installation, assured everything was installed and operating correctly and made the extra effort to make everything look neat...I felt they treated my home and this installation as though it were their own. We're looking forward to many years of solar power from our Solar system.

T. Willett

Hicksville, New York

Testimonials from our Customers:

Dear Mr. Lane,

Ever since you eliminated the voltage step down box from my system, my power output has soared. I have not paid a PSE&G bill since the bill for February, and please remember we are an all electric house- we have no gas for cooking.
I want to thank you for re-visiting me to make this change.

Again, if I can provide a positive testimonial for you to any person wavering about a solar project, I would be happy to do so.

One of the most reliable, honest, trustworthy guys I've met in my entire life, you call him he's there the next day. I needed an update and he was there, he actually monitors the system and tells me when something's wrong. He's a pleasure and he cleans after himself. There was a mark that came from the install on the house and he took special initiative and extra time to make it look perfect. I looked at other options and he was the most fairly priced. Highly recommend.

N. Begelman

Atlantic Beach, NY

Hey, Jon, this is Gene at D&M Lumber, I just wanted to say personally thank you.  We finally saw the solar tax abatement on our real estate taxes, and I know I called you about it a thousand times, and now that we finally got it, I was going to send an email, but then I said I would take the opportunity to call up and maybe speak personally to my buddy Jonathan, so, anyway, thank you for your services, you are a gentleman and a scholar, and, if you are ever in the neighborhood, drop by and say hello.  Thanks

Hello everybody.  I just wanted to let everybody know how we did with our photovoltaic system over the past year.  We have had the system since May of last year so we've gone through a full year with it.  From a financial standpoint we did great .  Many of you thought we were crazy to make such an investment but it worked out great.  My total Lipa bill for the last year was less then $700 for the whole year. This bill reflects me running my central air EVERYDAY from June till September.  I literally never shut it off.  Last year for the same period our bill was around $2800.  We made about $1900 worth of electric last year with our panels.  In order to purchase the panels last year I refinaced my mortgage.  The increase in my mortgage payment to finance the panels is about $40 per month.  If you wack $1900 by 12 you get an average of $158 worth of electric a month.  $158 minus the $40 increase in mtg payment is $118.  Thats $118 more in my pocket every month.  Can't beat that!  Not too mention thats $118 less I have to give those thieving bastards at Lipa.  I could also more importantly go on and on about the environmental benefits of solar energy.  A clean source of energy that does not contribute to the immense amount of air, water, and soil pollution that burning fossil fuels does.  A source of energy that nobody owns and can not run out.  A source of energy that we do not have to kill brown people for and U.S soldiers dont have to die for.  There really are NO drawbacks to having a solar system on your house and I urge you all to think about our planet and what we are doing to it.  Think about your children and their children.  Its important.

A. diNicola

Manorville, NY


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Quad State Solar

Alternative energy products to power your world

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NorthEast USA:

Toll Free: 1 800-959-9SUN

Phone: (516) 935-3273

Fax: (516) 471-1920

US Virgin Islands:

Toll Free: 1 800-959-9SUN Ext. 718

Local phone: (340) 344-6887

Jonathan teaching on a rooftop


and from whence we came

CEO’s Bio


 Jonathan Lane is the founder and CEO of Quad State Solar, Inc. (QSS) A highly respected member of the Long Island/New York City solar community, Jonathan is also a founding member of the Long Island Solar Energy Industries Association (LISEIA), as well as the Lead Solar Instructor at Farmingdale State College. Additionally, he holds NABCEB certifications for PV Installation and PV Technical sales, as well as an IREC ISPQ accreditation as a Certified PV Instructor in Intermediate and Advanced Photovoltaics.


Prior to establishing QSS, and after four less-than-totally-fulfilling years as a poly-sci major at college, Jonathan charted a thirty year career as an independent technologist; consulting to financial firms on Wall Street while designing and building their trading floors and the data centers that support them.    Already a self-made entrepreneur, Jonathan’s passion for growth (interests fueled by hobbies [broadcasting, including TV, radio ;{ ham, educational, and professional} as well as personal solar projects {energy-related, data over light beams}) led him to the decision to open his own solar energy design and installation firm in 2001.


Since opening the doors at QSS, Jonathan’s business has grown with the solar industry, and he has sold, designed, and installed hundreds of residential and commercial solar systems, ranging from six panel systems on a New York City brownstone, to 100kW+ solar systems spanning across warehouses and shopping centers. Quad State Solar, Inc. currently operates in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Building on a strong past with solid fundamentals, QSS is poised and ready to continue its growth and success, and break new ground as the solar energy industry continues to mature and evolve in the future.


When he can find time between gigs on a roof, Jonathan’s teaching duties have stretched form CUNY (Bronx Community College, New York Technical College, LaGuardia Community College), to SUNY (Jonathan currently serves as the Lead Solar Instructor at Farmingdale State college), to New York Institute of Technology, CW Post, Malloy College, as well as numerous other teaching, speaking, and training events.

About Us

5.0   *****|  12-06-2017

Review by Pete B.

Project: Install Solar Panels For Electric System

He takes care of his obligation, he's a good person, he's reliable he's consciousness and he does what he says he's going to do. If could give him a 10 out of 5 I would

5.0  *****   |  12-06-2017

Review by Simeon G.

Project: Install Solar Panels For Electric System

I've been working with him and he did solar systems for both the houses, work was very good, he's very dependable and he completed both jobs in a timely manner. I recommend to anyone.

I had an amazing experience with Jon and Dan in setting me up with Solar panels.  We had about 8 solar companies reaching out to me because I inquired within Home Advisors. There was no pressure and he made sure I was 100% sure I was ready for Solar panel and the pricing was fair and the quality of service was top notch. Took about 2 weeks due to weather. He explained all the tax rebates and credits to me.
Thanks for taking care of our first solar experience a great and easy one. Keep
up the good work and we’ll pass on your name and company to our neighbors and make Solar for all. Thanks Bryan

Sent from Bryan P., 

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